Iowa DOT Appointment

How to make an Iowa DOT Appointment?

Make your Iowa DOT Appointment for renewal, vehicle registration, driving tests and more, can be done at Iowa DMV, phone number is 515-237-3110 and located at 100 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa, Zip code: 50306.

You can make your DMV appointment online by clicking here.

Driver’s License Renewal Online in Iowa State

How to renew my driver’s license online in Iowa?

You can renew your driver’s license online and make an Iowa DOT Appointment online by clicking here.

Iowa DOT Appointment Phone Number

What is Iowa DOT Appointment phone number?

Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles phone number where you can speak Iowa DMV agent regarding Iowa DOT Appointment, driver’s license and motor vehicle matters is 515-237-3110.

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Many Iowa DMV Go Appointment Only

In the state of Iowa, some customers found no lines and fewer problems at many of Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles centers that started operating by appointment-only – watch this video to learn more where you’ll have to make an appointment online first.

Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles Address

What is Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles address?

Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles address where you can send official mail, documents and forms or visit for driver’s license and motor vehicle matters is:

Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles (Iowa DMV)
Address: 100 Euclid Avenue
City: Des Moines
State: Iowa
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